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Technical description of ZH3200F strong magnetic separator full digital thyristor rectifier

型强磁选机全数字可控硅整流装置 , 是专为 高梯度强磁选机 配套的激磁 电源设备。 The ZH3200F strong magnetic separator is a full digital thyristor rectifier , which is an excitation power supply equipment specially designed for high gradient strong magnetic separator . +可编程控制器+人机界面等部分构成,具有完善的激磁控制、系统保护、故障报警及显示功能。 This device adopts microcomputer control technology. The system is composed of Siemens full digital rectifier unit + programmable controller + man-machine interface and other parts.

产品型号说明 I. Product model description

Second, the main technical parameters

Rated AC input power: three-phase four-wire AC380V ( 10%) Rated frequency: 50Hz ( 5%)
Rated excitation output current: 0 ~ 300A Rated rectified output voltage: 0 ~ 460V
Excitation voltage adjustment range: 0 ~ 110% continuously adjustable Sub-motor parameters: Three-phase asynchronous 7.5kW / 380V
Lubrication pump motor parameters: three-phase asynchronous 1.1kW / 380V Main motor parameters: Three-phase asynchronous 55kW / 380V
Cooling pump motor parameters: three-phase asynchronous 7.5kW / 380V Temperature control: 4 channels (monitor the temperature of 4 coils in the fuel tank; temperature measuring element PT100 4)
Oil flow sensor: 1 (monitoring oil circuit of lubricating pump; switch signal, AC220V power supply) Reducer overload protection: 1 channel (switching signal)
Cabinet size: 2000 1200 600mm (height x width x depth) Cabinet color: RAL7035 (or specified by the user)
Protection level: IP34

3. Main technical requirements and implementation functions

This device is composed of all-digital rectifier + intelligent motor controller + PLC + industrial touch screen + relay contact unit, etc. It has perfect excitation control, motor intelligent control, system protection, fault alarm and display functions.
three-phase power supply of the excitation circuit is connected through a line reactor to suppress interference to the power grid.
excitation coil excitation power source uses Siemens 6RA8081-6DS22-0 (rated output DC400A / 485V) full digital rectifier. The rectifier has no phase sequence requirements, can realize soft start-up and soft shutdown, automatic constant current adjustment; Various complete protection functions such as short circuit, over current, over voltage, and over temperature.
main motor is controlled by AB company 150-F108NBD intelligent motor controller (rated current AC108A). The controller has powerful soft-start control, electronic motor overload protection, stall protection and stall detection, underload protection, undervoltage protection, overvoltage protection, voltage imbalance protection and other functions. , Chinese / English menu display, easy to operate. When the main drive machinery stalls and exceeds the set value, the intelligent motor controller can immediately cut off the power and send out a fault contact signal.
Both the auxiliary motor and the main motor have forward and reverse control functions. In the "test" operating position, the "forward / reverse" operating mode selection switch can meet the functions of the auxiliary motor and the main motor to control the forward or reverse rotation of the turntable.
core control unit is Siemens S7-200 series PLC. The PLC has a good self-diagnostic function, can perform operating parameters and fault management, can modify and display various parameters of the current operation online, and can cyclically store and view more than 200 fault information in real time.
The PLC system is equipped with a 4-channel EM231RTD temperature module, and each of the 4 input ports is connected with a PT100 thermal resistance to form a 4-channel temperature monitoring unit. The system can independently monitor the temperature of the coils in the four fuel tanks. When the temperature of the temperature measurement point of any one fuel tank is higher than the set protection temperature, the system immediately cuts off the excitation output.
The LC system is equipped with an EM277 communication module, which can provide one RS485 communication interface, the communication protocol is profibus-DP, and communicate with the background computer online. It can monitor various operating parameters and fault information of the system in real time.
Human-machine interface uses Schneider 7-inch color touch screen with Chinese display. It is convenient to select two control modes: “open loop” and “constant current” for the excitation coil on the touch screen; set the voltage setting, current setting, current upper and lower limit, output overcurrent, current soft start rising or falling slope, Various protection parameters such as 4-channel fuel tank temperature; check various fault information in real time.
auxiliary motor and the lubrication pump motor are controlled by the ARD2 series intelligent motor protector. The protector has the characteristics of strong anti-interference ability, stable and reliable work, digitization, and intelligence. It can effectively protect the motor from overload, phase failure, underload, imbalance and other faults during operation. The LED can display three phases. Average current and fault status, or manually select to display information such as phase A, phase B and phase C current. Lubrication pump motor intelligent motor protector is equipped with 4-20mA standard signal module, which can connect 4-20mA to PLC to control the lubrication pump motor and main motor in a chain. The operating current of the lubrication pump motor can be displayed on the touch screen.
Cooling pump motor control uses Schneider GV2 thermal magnetic circuit breaker + AC contactor combination to achieve motor start / stop, overload and short circuit protection.
With one-button "emergency stop" button. When the system fails, an artificial emergency shutdown can be performed. The control cabinet issues an audible and optical alarm at the same time. The excitation output gradually decreases to zero. At the same time, the other electrical appliances are powered off, and then the system is turned off.
This device is connected with a large-current freewheeling diode at the output of the excitation. When the system power is suddenly interrupted, the freewheeling diode provides discharge protection.
cabinet door is equipped with a digital three-phase incoming line AC voltmeter; a pointer-type auxiliary motor current, main motor current, excitation voltage, and excitation current meter each for a better observation of the system working condition.

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