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Technical description of KGCF-3 strong magnetic separator full digital thyristor rectifier

,是专为高梯度强磁选机配套的激磁电源设备。 KGCF-3 strong magnetic separator is a full digital thyristor rectifier . It is an excitation power supply equipment specially designed for high gradient strong magnetic separator. This device uses microcomputer control technology. The system consists of thyristor power unit + programmable controller + man-machine interface + digital excitation regulator and other parts. It has perfect excitation control, system protection, fault alarm and display functions.

产品型号说明 I. Product model description

Second, the main technical parameters:

Rated AC line voltage: three-phase four-wire AC380V ( 10%) Rated AC voltage frequency: 50Hz ( 5%)
Rated excitation output voltage: 0 ~ 80V (continuously adjustable to meet long-term working requirements) Rated DC output current: 0 ~ 2000A (continuously adjustable to meet the long-term working requirements of rated current)
Cooling method: forced air cooling Dry-type three-phase rectifier transformer: 65 ~ 200kVA (installed in rectifier cabinet)
Swivel motor power: three-phase asynchronous AC380V / 5 ~ 11kW Swivel motor control mode: direct start
Pulsing motor power: three-phase asynchronous AC380V / 5 ~ 11kW Pulsing motor control mode: direct start
Main coil water shortage protection: electric contact pressure gauge (1 way) Sub-coil water flow abnormal protection: electronic flow switch (N way)
Main coil temperature protection: EM231RTD (1 way) (temperature control range: 0 ~ 300 ℃; equipped with temperature measuring thermal resistance: PT100) Incoming line AC voltage / current display: digital three-phase AC voltage / current meter
Excitation output voltage / current display: digital display DC voltage / current meter Cabinet size (height x width x depth):
Cabinet protection level: IP43 Cabinet color: RAL7035 (or specified by the user)

3. Main technical performance and control requirements

system adopts all-digital control technology. The system is composed of three-phase full-control bridge power unit + industrial touch screen + programmable controller + digital regulator (dual / single). It has perfect excitation control, swivel and pulse motor control. , System protection, fault alarm and display functions.
main circuit uses a three-phase full-control bridge rectifier circuit. The thyristor uses 6 3 inch KP2000A / 800V components, which are anti-parallel pressed and mounted in a J5 radiator, and are installed in a drawer structure. The main circuit cooling adopts forced air cooling method of top-mounted fan. Adopt perfect voltage surge absorption and resistance capacitance protection circuit to ensure the safe use of thyristors.
Human-machine interface selects Schneider 7-inch color touch screen with Chinese display. Conveniently select two control modes: "constant angle" and "constant current" on the touch screen; set various protection parameters such as current reference, current upper and lower limit, output overcurrent, current soft start rising or falling slope; real-time reference Various fault information.
Siemens S7-200 series PLC is used as the core control part. The PLC has good self-diagnostic functions, can perform operation parameters and fault management, can modify and display various parameters currently running, and can store and consult more than 200 cycles in real time. accident details.
system can provide RS-485 serial communication interface to the outside. The system can provide RS-485 serial communication interface to outside. The communication protocol is one of three options: Profibus-DP, Modbus, Industrial Ethernet TCP / IP. It communicates with the upper computer monitoring system online to monitor various operating parameters and fault information of the system in real time.
system has two completely independent excitation digital regulator channels, and the two channels are hot backup for each other. In operation, it can be manually selected or A channel or B channel to work, and the digital regulator or switching power supply module of any channel can be replaced with power.
Magnetic digital regulator is composed of chips such as intelligent chips of ultra-large-scale integrated circuits and high-speed analog-to-digital converters. It has no phase sequence requirements for input power, wide operating voltage range, good waveform symmetry, high control accuracy, high trigger power, and high resistance. Remarkable features such as strong interference ability, stable and reliable work; and adopts PLC chassis structure, 35mm standard card rail installation, Phoenix pluggable terminal blocks, reliable contact, easy disassembly and assembly.
Swivel motor and pulsating motor are controlled by ARD2 series intelligent motor protector. The protector has the characteristics of strong anti-interference ability, stable and reliable work, digitization, intelligence, network, etc., and can protect the motor from overload, phase failure, underload, imbalance, grounding, leakage, stall, etc. For effective protection.
system has comprehensive protection and alarm functions as follows:
Three-phase power lack phase alarm shutdown protection;
Fast-blow alarm shutdown protection;
AC line overcurrent, short circuit alarm shutdown protection;
Main coil temperature over-temperature alarm shutdown protection;
Main coil water shortage alarm shutdown protection;
Alarm for abnormal water flow in sub-coil (without shutdown)
Rectifier output limiter protection
Over temperature alarm protection of rectifier main circuit
Rectifier overcurrent fault alarm shutdown protection system. In case of failure, the system can immediately cut off the DC output, and at the same time automatically realize inverter operation, and feed back the energy stored in the excitation coil to the power grid.
system has the function of soft start / stop of the excitation, which can effectively prevent the shock damage to the excitation coil caused by the sudden increase of the current; the adjustment of the excitation output adopts the digital setting method of the touch screen keyboard.
Breakers, contactors, thermal relays, relays, signal lights, and buttons use the Schneider brand.

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